Flow Meter Rentals from FloRight Pump & Controls

For commercial and industrial clients that require extreme accuracy and water flow measurements, FloRight Pump & Controls offers a wide range of rental services. Our flow meter rentals are designed to provide a variety of solutions for a host of industrial applications.

FloRight Pump & Controls can equip you with non-intrusive, ultrasonic flow meters that are built with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 10-hours. This allows them to be easily transported to the area of your facility where and when it’s needed most. All our flow meter rentals can also be powered using simple AC power, enabling clients to perform continuous monitoring of procedures.

Some of the additional benefits of the flow meters available for rental are:

  • Real-time measurements
  • Historical logging of liquid flow
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Compatibility with a variety of pipe sizes
  • Easy clamp or magnetic installation

The flow meter rentals available from FloRight Pump & Controls are designed to log and monitor the liquid flow in a pipe, as well as provide real-time flow rates and velocity measurements. Our flow meters also provide positive total, negative total, and net total measurements for your benefit.


FloRight Pump & Controls knows that every commercial and industrial facility has different needs, which is why our flow meter rentals are designed to be compatible with a host of different pipe systems. All units work with metallic and non-metallic piping, accommodating pipes anywhere from 2-236 inches in diameter through the use of durable clamp-on or magnetic sensors.

For additional information about the flow meter rental services available from FloRight Pump & Controls, contact our team today.