SCADA Systems from FloRight Pump & Controls

SCADA stands for “supervisory control and data acquisition,” a mouthful even for more experienced industry professionals, so let’s break down how they work.

SCADA Systems utilize computersnetworked data communications, and interfaces to provide users with extremely accurate supervisory management capabilities.

By incorporating specialized devices such as programmable logic and discrete PID controllers, your SCADA system enables you to interface with key machinery or the entire process plant.

This technology enables:

  • The monitoring and issuing of process commands
  • Performing controller set-point changes
  • Access to a variety of local control modules remotely
  • Maintaining standard automation protocols with different manufacturers

Such processes can be executed and entered remotely. However, real-time calculations or logic troubleshooting is performed by modules connected to field sensors and actuators within your network.

Although more complex SCADA systems resemble distributed control systems in a functional sense, they offer a greater variety of ways to interface with your plant. The technology also enables strict, large-scale control over multiple sites and an extensive range of distances.

Our SCADA systems give you complete control

For those who desire extensive control and range over all their operations, SCADA systems technology is ideal. The team of experts from FloRight Pump & Controls is waiting to discuss how this software can streamline your workflow, so call today.