Our Remote Site Survey Services

FloRight Pump & Controls is equipped to provide remote site survey services designed to determine the suitability of specific sites through the use of in-depth analysis, such as site inspection and testing of the machinery to be installed.

Our team is trained to assess a wide variety of data to determine the optimal site for your industrial applications, whether it be the installation of a new water treatment facility or distribution site, booster station or another piece of machinery.

FloRight Pump & Controls can provide:

  • Instrumentation and controls to operate well field production, water treatment, and distribution systems
  • Extensive monitoring applications to control and operate water treatment facilities remotely.
  • Radio telemetry services
  • Booster station control applications
  • System pressure monitoring
  • Flow data collection and monitoring
  • Tower level monitoring services
  • Ground storage tank operation and monitoring

Through the identification of optimal installation and access points, FloRight Pump & Controls can provide you with planning and design services for your site. We also offer in-depth analyses provided by a wide range of walk-testing services, auditing, and other applications.

Need a remote site survey done for your proposed project? The team at FloRight Pump & Controls would love to discuss the details with you, so call our team of experts today.