Municipal Water Treatment Solutions

The SPI meters and municipal water treatment solutions from FloRight Pump & Controls offer ideal solutions for commercial or industrial facilities requiring innovative water flow measurements and controls.

Whether you need clean or dirty water flow management, the team at FloRight Pump & Controls can outfit your organization with cutting-edge electromagnetic insertion meters specifically designed for municipal water treatment applications or commercial and industrial needs.

Unlike conventional magnetic flow meters, the cost of which varies depending on pipe size, the SPI mag meters from FloRight Pump & Controls offer an affordable alternative, providing a highly-accurate solution for measuring the flow of liquid in a closed system.

By incorporating the exact velocity and pipe-diameter specifications of your water system, our SPI mag meters can determine flow range with precise accuracy, in between ±2% of reading ±0.03 ft/s (±0.009 m/s) zero stability from 0.3 to 32 ft/s.

FloRight Pump & Controls offers SPI meter solutions that provide:

  • Reverse flow indications
  • Nominal pipe size data
  • Easy installation without interrupting flow process
  • Pricing independent of line size
  • Self-cleaning sensors for reduced maintenance costs
  • Proven electromagnetic technology

The SPI meter solutions available from FloRight Pump & Controls is suited for a wide range of industrial applications and flow processes involving conductive fluids, including:

  • Cooling water
  • Pulp stock
  • Slurries
  • Sludge
  • Potable water

For SPI mag meter solutions for your municipal water treatment needs, contact FloRight Pump & Controls today and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.