Vertical Turbine Pump Sales, & More!

Pump Sales


At FloRight Pump & Controls, our services run the gamut of pumping applications and solutions. We can get any pump you need.

Since we maintain relationships with manufacturers and other distributors, you’ll never have to wait for an extended period for new components.   Because we buy direct from the manufacturer, it allows us to pass the savings onto you.


Some of the types of pumps that we supply to our customers:


• BOOSTER PUMPS                             • ROTARY LOBE                       • SUBMERSIBLE                   • GEAR

• END SUCTION                                    • SLURRY                                   • SPLIT CASE                         • MAGNETIC DRIVEN

• DIAPHRAGM PUMPS                       • SELF-PRIMING                   • POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT

• LINE SHAFT TURBINE                    • VACUUM                                 • METERING                          • VERTICAL TURBINE

No matter what vertical turbine pumping part or application you require, we’re confident the team at FloRight Pump & Controls can provide the vertical turbine pump or other component you need. We also specialize in repairs and well pump installation, so call today to speak with a representative.