Choose FloRight Pump & Controls for Expert Water Pump Installations

For over thirty years, FloRight Pump & Controls has been the go-to expert for people across the Southwest in need of the best in pump installations, sales, and services. We’ve worked on a wide variety of pumps, from small private water wells to the largest of municipal water treatment plants. No matter the type of pump or your needs, we will work with you to develop the perfect pumping solution.

We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured. FloRight are the experts you can always trust to solve your pumping problems.


Custom Tailored Water Pump Installations

Every pumping situation is different, and we know that. Thanks to our decades of experience, we know how to work with you to understand your situation, so that we can design an expert system that will fulfill all your pumping needs.

Along with understanding your own needs, we also do extensive site surveys to fully understand the landscape we’ll be working with. Pump installation requires precise attention to detail, as even tiny variations in factors such as installation angles, pump horsepower, or pipe sizes can make big changes in the pump’s overall performance.

We can assist with:

Surface pump installations: These pumps are installed on the ground, above the water level, pulling water from an underground source. We can achieve any speed or flow rate you need while providing a reliable installation that lasts for years.

Submersible pump installations: Submersible pumps are installed within the water source, designed to push the water to its intended destination. When properly implemented, submersible pumps are nearly maintenance-free and capable of heavy duty.

Grinder pump systems: Grinder pumps work much like garbage disposals, with heavy-duty blades that break up solid materials for easier pumping – such as pushing wastewater toward the nearest sewer line.

No matter what vertical turbine pumping part or application you require, we’re confident the team at FloRight Pump & Controls can provide the vertical turbine pump or other component you need. We also specialize in repairs and well pump installation, so call today to speak with a representative.

An Expert Team Brings Expert Pumping Services

At FloRight Pump & Controls, we pride ourselves on hiring only the best technicians and ensuring they are properly trained throughout their careers. We follow all current best practices and invest in new technologies – such as modern Industry 4.0 automation solutions. We can deliver a high-tech pump installation that’s ready for modern global demands, or help you maintain your valued family water well.

We take every job seriously and pride ourselves on excellent customer service at all times. Our success record is second to none, and that brings our customers back time after time.

When you need a pump installation in the southwest handled right the first time, there’s just one name to remember: FloRight Pump & Controls. Contact us today to discuss your pumping needs.