Keen Pumps from FloRight Pump & Controls (Lift Station Grinder Pumps & More!)

Keen Pump is a premier designer and manufacturer of Submersible Sewage pumps and Submersible Grinder pumps for the residential, commercial, industrial and municipal markets. The product line follows a (40+) Year proven design for the 1hp through 15hp Grinder Pumps, and Solids-Handling pumps up to 14” discharge (150 HP). In addition to grinder pumps, Keen Pump is leading the way in engineered control panels and basin packages available for all models. Most pumps can be configured complete with basin packages engineered and built in our Ashland, Ohio facility. Keen Pump prides itself on full-scale manufacturing of pumps as well as package systems. Keen Pump’s intense dedication to producing quality product, delivered on time, backed by reliable service allows FloRight Pump & Controls to maintain our confidence to back up our product with a 3 year standard warranty.