Flow Meter Calibration Tools & Services

Flow meter verification and calibration is a necessity in a range of different settings, from commercial applications to capital projects, ensuring flow meter performance and proper processes. Providing accurate water flow measurement is important to make certain commercial and industrial facilities run efficiently and meet demands.

Flow Meter Verification & Calibration from FloRight Pump & Controls

Flow meter verification and calibration is one of the most common ways to ensure your facility is meeting its performance requirements and remains within the tolerance recommendations of the original manufacturer. Flow meters are used for everything from quality control and regulated production processes, to utilities and industrial operations, making monitoring and maintenance services essential.

One of the leading benefits of the flow meter verification solutions from FloRight Pump & Controls is that, more often than not, verification can be performed electronically in a non-intrusive manner. They’re also practical and portable, enabling them to be applied to a wide variety of situations.

Importance of Flow Meter Verification & Calibration Technology

Regardless of industry, application or processes, proper flow meter performance is essential for all commercial and industrial facilities. By incorporating a system of checks and balances into daily processes, flow verification and calibration provides an added layer of oversight, ensuring all desired tolerances are met.

Our Flow Meter Verification & Calibration Solutions are designed to:

  • Allow for accurate measurements conducted through simulations without affecting actual flow or processes.
  • Provide precise long-term sensor and transmitter stability data.
  • Be compatible with line sizes up to and exceeding 78 inches.
  • Combine electronic verification and meter diagnostic technology to detect everything changes in coating and erosion, corrosion levels, and more.
  • Investigate converter errors, hardware failure and component drift.
  • Provide accurate data for comparison with original manufacturer specifications.

Track Long-Term Data with Flow Meter Verification & Calibration Components

Another added benefit of the flow meter verification services from FloRight Pump & Controls is that it allows for long-term analysis and data collection, improving monitoring and processes. The components are capable of storing electronic data that can then be compared over the lifecycle of a particular flow meter, providing a baseline for analysis.

Such data can also be used to test long-term meter stability, as well as ensure compliance with industry standards, local ordinances and best practices.

Learn more about our flow meter verification & calibration solutions

If you’re in need of commercial or industrial flow meter verification solutions, FloRight Pump & Controls would love to tell you more. Contact our staff today to learn how they can provide added oversight and accuracy to your daily flow processes.