Water Tank Level Control Using PLC Programming

FloRight Pump & Controls utilizes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to enable you to get a handle on your water tank level control and other processes. In addition to controlling level switches, our PLC programming services can help your facility control any instrument in your system.

By employing specifically programmed applications, FloRight Pump & Controls can streamline your operations.

In a connected water system utilizing pumps, motors, and other processes, water is frequently drawn from tanks when it’s required by other systems. As this occurs, there needs to be a process in place to ensure that the tanks maintain the necessary levels by controlling the valve responsible for refilling it.

For those who need to regularly draw and store water in tanks, here’s exactly how PLC programming is utilized to increase efficiencies:

  • PLC Programming utilizes two inputs represented by the contacts of flow switches.
  • A “fill valve” control output
  • An “internal” contact representing the output signal that’s then entered into the program.
  • A logical control scheme created by the interconnection of these items in software.

When performing water level tank control using PLC programming, the program regulates the opening and closing of flow switches, designed to let water in and out of the tanks. The switches, which operate on low-level and high-level settings, are attached to float devices used to monitor the water level. Both float switches (normally closed) open their contacts when the water level in the tank is above the physical location of the switch.

However, when the water level is below both switches, this is communicated to the fill valve output and water then begins to fill the tank. Once the level rises high enough, the control switch keeping the tank open is turned off and the water flow ceases. After that, the fill valve remains off until the level drops and the switch is activated, then the process repeats again.

Water tank level control using PLC programming is the easiest way to automate your pumps and prevent water from overflowing.

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