Industrial Grease Remover

Protein Matrix Is the Industrial-Strength Grease Remover Your Pumps Need

Over time, one of the biggest threats to many pumping systems – particularly those in municipal or industrial systems – is the buildup of fats, oils, and grease.  Left alone, these can easily clog up pipes, engines, or worse, slowing down the system and potentially causing serious damage.

However, finding effective ways of removing the grease could be tricky.  Traditional caustic cleaners could damage critical systems, or simply cause a clog to re-form further down the pipes.  This is why we’re so proud to now offer Protein Matrix – an industrial-strength grease remover that’s perfect for pumping systems.

How Protein Matrix Keeps Your Pumps Flowing

Protein Matrix is a proprietary blend of proteins, peptides, and amino acids – most of which were extracted from simple cereal grains!  These materials can disrupt molecular forces that hold grease molecules together, allowing them to truly break up greasy clogs so that reformation is impossible.

Protein Matrix has numerous advantages over competing products.

  1. Protein Matrix is a green product

Sourced from natural ingredients, Protein Matrix contains no enzymes, bacteria, organic solvents, or other harmful agents that could cause contamination.  There are no VOCs either.  It’s environmentally friendly and can be used in virtually any system.

  1. The grease is permanently disrupted

Too many caustic or solvent-based cleaning systems don’t truly break up the grease, they just cause it to lose its hold on whatever’s nearby.  This makes it easy for the grease to reagglomerate in downstream pipes.  With Protein Matrix, the grease is converted into short-chain fatty acid salts which are readily biodegradable.

  1. It works on downstream clogs

If you can’t get directly at the clog, that’s not a problem.  As long as there is still some flow, you can pour in the Protein Matrix where it’s convenient, and it will still work once it reaches the clog.

  1. Protein Matrix is certified safe

The product has been evaluated by the National Science Foundation as being entirely safe for use in both drinking water treatment systems, as well as food contact services.  Protein Matrix is the industrial-strength grease remover that can be used anywhere, without fear of harm.

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