Lift Station Rehab


Water lift stations are a critical component of sewage systems, responsible for lifting sewage from gravity collection systems and pumping it to disposal systems. They’re an integral component for safety, sanitary, and infrastructure purposes. That’s why keeping them in great condition is essential.

FloRight Pump & Controls offers lift station rehab and sewage lift system maintenance solutions that cover all of its components, from pipes and pumps, to structural integrity. However, the right services for you depends upon the issues your pump has and their severity.

What Are Some Warning Signs My Lift Station Needs Repair?

Some of the warning signs your wastewater lift station is in need of rehab or repairs include:

  • Plugged Pumps: If the pumps for your lift station are frequently becoming clogged, it could signify that they’re not equipped to handle the consistency of wastewater being pumped and could be outdated.
  • Longer Runtimes: Is your pump running nonstop? If so, it likely means there’s a larger issue at play. Over time, components like impellers, casings, and other items experience significant wear and tear, making pumps less effective.
  • Outdated Electronics: A pump’s electrical components help it run efficiently and ensure it’s up to all the current industry standards and compliant with local codes and ordinances. Your relays and level controllers may be outdated and not up to code.
  • Tripped Circuits or Blown Fuses: Regularly tripped circuits or blown fuses may be due to old starters, pumps with water in them due to failing mechanical seals, or a change in electrical voltages causing them to overload.
  • Soft or Cracking Concrete: This can be a sign that there are gases causing the concrete of your lift station to crack or break down. Wet wells need to be frequently cleaned or have a submersible mixer installed to minimize this issue.

What Should I Do if there’s an Issue with My Water Lift Station?

One of the first and most important thigs to do if you suspect there’s an issue with your lift station is to contact the professionals from FloRight Pump & Controls to perform a point-by-point inspection of your lift system.